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Does Jim own at least one dog?

(1) Jim lives in an apartment complex that is home to 20 people (including Jim) who own a total of 39 dogs.

(2) No one in Jim’s apartment complex owns more than 2 dogs.

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C. Both statements together are sufficient, but neither statement alone is sufficient.

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Statement 1: This tells us the total number of people and dogs at Jim’s apartment complex but tells us nothing about how the dogs are distributed. INSUFFICIENT.

Statement 2: This tells us the maximum number of dogs per person but doesn’t give us any information regarding Jim and his dog ownership status. INSUFFICIENT.

Statements 1&2: If no one at Jim’s apartment complex owns more than 2 dogs, then we could assign 2 dogs to the 19 people who are not Jim which would account for 38 of the dogs. The final dog could then only be assigned to Jim without violating statement 2. Therefore, Jim owns at least one dog. SUFFICIENT.

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