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David decides to start a business making gift baskets. He estimates that if he charges x dollars per gift basket, he will sell 65-5x baskets per day. If his estimate is accurate, which of the following sets describes all values of x for which will he collect revenue in excess of $150 per day?

A. 2<x<15
B. x<3 or x>10
C. x<2 or x>15
D. 3<x<10
E.  5<x<6


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D. $3<x<10$

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If David is selling $65-5x$ baskets at $x$ dollars per basket, then his total revenue is $x(65-5x)$. We want to know the values of $x$ for which this revenue will exceed $150$. Thus,







By testing values, we can see that this final expression will be true for all values of $x$ such that $3<x<10$

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