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Jennifer invests $2,000 at an annual interest rate of r% compounded quarterly for 9 years. At the end of 9 years her account is worth $16,000. What is the value of r?

A. 400(2\cdot4^{\frac{1}{9}}-1)
B. 25(2^{\frac{25}{36}}-1)
C. 100\cdot8^{\frac{1}{9}}-1
D. 25\cdot2^{\frac{49}{12}}-400
E. 400\cdot8^{\frac{1}{36}}-400

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D. $25\cdot2^{\frac{49}{12}}-400$

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The formula for compound interest is $A=P(1+\frac{r\%}{n})^{nt}$. From the given information we can set up the equation $2000(1+\frac{r\%}{4})^{36}=16000$







Now the challenge is to convert it to one of the answer choices.





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