The videos in our foundation series are supplied to help clients solidify their foundation of basic skills. Most concepts covered in these videos will not be tested directly on the GMAT. However, mastery of these basic skills is crucial to solving most GMAT problems. For example, the GMAT will not ask you how many degrees are in a right angle, but if you don’t know, you will have significant difficulty with many of the geometry problems. If you find yourself consistently struggling on problems from a particular area, a shaky foundation may be part of the problem. Watching these videos is an excellent way to strengthen your foundation and acquire new depths of understanding of the topics tested by the GMAT.


Prime Numbers


Multiples and Factors


Special Right Triangles


Square Roots and Radicals


Least Common Multiples and Greatest Common Factors

Data Sufficiency Hints and Tactics


Data Sufficiency Hints and Tactics-Part Two: Examples

Solving Complex Equations

Weighted Averages